A Family Set Free



A family in a small village in South Asia was tormented by an evil spirit. One by one, each of them was oppressed by the spirit: the father, mother, three sons, and one daughter. After leaving one of them, the spirit would attack another. The family’s sleep was disturbed, and they were constantly threatened by evil.

When our partner heard about the family, he sent a team of four church planters, including Pastor Kumar, to visit them. After getting to know the family’s suffering, the team decided to spend three days fasting and praying for their deliverance. The family also attended the prayer vigil.

Pastor Kumar said to the family, “Believe in Jesus and accept him as your Lord and Savior and he will help you to come out of the bondage of this evil spirit.”

On the final day of prayer, the entire family was delivered from the attack of the evil spirit. As a result, they were all baptized, and now they come regularly to the worship services, even though the place where they are held is more than thirty-five kilometers away.

“We have seen an amazing transformation in the lives of these family members, especially the one son, Sam,” said Pastor Kumar. “There is such a difference from when he was under the power of the enemy and now when he is under the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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