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ICOMB Members

ICOMB’s members are national churches, located in every continent. Some were established over 100 years ago (India, Canada, USA). God continues to bless with the planting of churches in new areas of the world, which, once organized at a national level, first become associate members and eventually achieve national membership status in ICOMB.

Each of our 21 member national churches plays an important role in ICOMB. We meet annually at Summits to connect, explore mutual concerns, encourage each other, and hear reports of what’s happening around the world. The Church On Mission in Thailand 2017, was the first time that associate members were also present for ICOMB meetings.

Many of our members also connect through area cohorts: the European cohort and Latin American cohort meet to discuss issues specific to their region.

National churches also connect on an individual level, for example: Brazil has sent a training team and a missionary to Angola, and a German congregation sent funds to the Japan conference after the 2011 tsunami.




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