ICOMB, together with MB Mission, established the Global Scholarship Fund in 2010 to grow leaders for Mennonite Brethren churches around the world, not only in biblical and theological studies, but also in education, medicine, business and other professions in order to build visionary and sustainable local and national churches. The aim is to assist students in smaller or developing ICOMB national churches to access higher learning.


  • Faculty development – Trainers of leaders within the national churches will receive priority funding.
  • Mission and pastoral leadership roles within home national church – leadership role for national or regional level
  • Professional development in different professions: education, medicine, business, etc.
  • National church leadership roles
  • BA level (if selected) should normally be in-country or in-region
  • Masters and PhD levels may go outside country
  • Criteria for international study:
    • Nomination by national church or church-sponsored institution
    • Commitment of nominee to return to sending country/institution for 3 years
    • Commitment by sending national church/institution for employment upon return
    • Acceptance by institution chosen for study
    • Financial plan for full cost of study
    • Approval by ICOMB Global Scholarship Fund Committee (month of May)
  • The student is requested to provide reports on progress and academic achievement
  • Report from schools and national churches, including number and names of students, is also requested


  • Students with motivation to study may begin the process. Contact national church leadership to inform them of your intention to study, and seek their endorsement.
  • The national church must endorse the student and the application: help the student discern the call for further education, and show commitment to the student’s future involvement in leadership in the national church. The national church must supply a letter indicating:
    • Support for the desired course of study
    • The school where study is intended
    • Possibilities for future service of the student within the national church
    • The national church’s financial commitment to the student during studies.
  • The student completes Form F800 – Scholarship Application.
  • The national church Correspondent submits the conference endorsement and Student Application together to the Scholarship Fund Coordinator by January 31.
  • The Scholarship Fund Coordinator will analyze the application and forward it to the Global Scholarship Committee.
  • The Global Scholarship Committee will review the application and communicate its decision to the student and national church.
  • Funds are disbursed to the national church if the study program is in the home or nearby country. The national church is then responsible to direct funds to the educational institution in which the student is studying.
  • Funds are typically released one month before expected need.
  • For studies in Canada and the United States, funds will be sent directly to the educational institution during the normal payment cycle immediately preceding the commencement of the term.
  • Scholarships are granted on an annual basis, subject to annual review, and renewable for the length of the program (typically 3 or 4 years).
  • Marital and family status is taken into account.
  • Recipients of graduate level scholarships are required to spend 3 years in service to their sponsoring national church before continuing on to post-graduate study.
  • Scholarships may be terminated due to: lack of funds; student de-registration by the school or failure to make adequate progress; withdrawal of support from the national church.

Reporting (due by January 31)

  • Students are requested to provide reports on progress and academic achievement (transcript)
  • Mennonite Brethren schools are requested to provide reports on the number and names of students.
  • The national church is requested to provide a brief report about the ongoing relationship with the student.

Scholarship Renewal

Scholarship recipients, who will be continuing their studies and would like to have their scholarship renewed, must submit a report on their study progress and plans. The Scholarship Report Form (Form F805) is provided for this purpose.


A request for renewal of a current scholarship must be received by the Scholarship Fund Coordinator by January 31 to be considered for the following fiscal year (June 1-May 31).


Contact the ICOMB Scholarship Coordinator at

Or mail:
ICOMB Scholarship Coordinator
C/O MB Mission
300 – 32040 Downes Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1X5