David’s Reflections

Moving Mountains

  *David will bring the opening address to Thailand 2017 from Mark 11:20-25. Since many ICOMB readers will not get a chance to participate, David will use these next months to share from this message.*   Mark 11 tells the

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The Fullness of Christ

I have preached on Ephesians 4:1-3 quite a few times recently. It describes the pathway to maintain unity of the Spirit in the church. It’s a simple message, really, requiring us to interact with humility, gentleness, patience and love. St.

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God is at work in India!

India is a very unique country: 1.2 billion population, almost overtaking China. It has a growing economy: the city of Hyderabad (14 million) has a huge “Tech City” – in fact that part of town is called “Cyberabad” – where

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Kingdom People

Luke 17:20-21 tells how the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God would come. He replied that it would not come with signs to be observed, nor will people say, “Look, here it is!” or “There!” because “the kingdom

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Treasures in Clay Jars

I’m getting a sermon ready on Samson. I learned about Samson as a child. At that time he was a hero! It has been eye opening to consider him again as an adult, and a leader in the church. How

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In our ICOMB worship service I preached on Luke 5 – the story of Jesus calling Peter, James and John. My central focus was renewal: both individual and corporate. My outline was simple, based on the text: Jesus is our

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