The Church on Mission

The church in the world and for the world

“When it comes to mission, we are obsessed with strategy. That is the wrong approach. There we miss the whole point of God’s Mission.” Arthur Dück from Curitiba, Brazil gave the Wednesday morning plenary address, “The Mission of the Church: Clarifying

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The church on mission through prayer

Confronting white privilege ICOMB director David Wiebe opened the week-long consultation on mission and prayer with a brief overview of Mennonite Brethren history, especially as it relates to the spread of our denomination around the world through missions. The outline

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Reporting from the ICOMB consultation

An historic ICOMB consultation takes place this week in Thailand, but you are invited to join from wherever you are. Several participants will offer a taste of the consultation to the Mennonite Brethren family around the world by sharing their

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