Bible Studies

One of the inspiring parts of our Summit meetings are the daily devotion times, led by selected delegates. Bounmee and Bob, (Khmu Mission) helped us learn how to greet each other in Thai before speaking. Darío Ramírez (Paraguay, Spanish) provided

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A Moral Case for the Resurrection

I was enjoying a fast trip through 1 and 2 Thessalonians this morning, when suddenly I was stopped in my tracks by Paul’s instructions about the resurrection and ‘fate’ of the dead and the living at the end of time.

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Loving Constraint

2 Corinthians 5:14 says “the love of Christ constrains me.” I recently experienced a practical definition of constraint, often translated “compel” or “control”. It’s not a word that has many handles on it. On a fraternal visit to Panama recently,

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The Immutable Law of Love

To be immutable is to be unchangeable. Gravity is immutable. It works every time. Thus we have the “law” of gravity. I have done a simple exercise to illustrate: while talking about gravity, I raise my hand to head height

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Henotheists Make Reluctant Pacifists

A favorite author of mine says “Monotheism is a terrible idea but a wonderful discovery.” He explains that it took the exile for Israel to discover monotheism. It was only an idea before they went through the exile and subsequent

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