India – Critical Moment

  On March 14 an auction will be held by the Punjab National Bank to sell the Jadcherla property (56 acres) to the highest bidder. This is to pay off a loan which was taken by Dr. PB Arnold in

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God is at work in India!

India is a very unique country: 1.2 billion population, almost overtaking China. It has a growing economy: the city of Hyderabad (14 million) has a huge “Tech City” – in fact that part of town is called “Cyberabad” – where

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India Trip Report January 2016

  David Wiebe shares what he experienced on his visit to India with José Arrais (Portugal), January 15 to 27.   Big Churches Yemmiganur lies about 300 km south of Hyderabad. About 2000 people attend the Sunday service. There are

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Update from India

A note from IP Asheervadam came just before Christmas: “Today we have won the court case that was filed…against the Bible College, Dr. Arnold’s Presidency and my Principal-ship.” While this shows resolution to some aspects of this internal conflict, ICOMB continues to ask

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Doctoral Student Receives Historical Commission Grant

Congratulations to Y.D. Jayaker, a Global Scholarship Fund recipient from India, who has just received a project grant from the MB Historical Commission. Jayakar is doing doctoral studies in the History of Christianity and is interested in researching the impact

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