Many of our members around the world have shown interest, provided donations, and prayed for our Congolese friends as they outlined and wrote a new curriculum for students Grades 1-12. These are Mennonite run schools – about 335 of them, serving

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Summit Translation

We could not have handled our Summit agenda without translators Marcelo and Miriam Wall (Spanish/German/English), Nzuzi Mukawa (French/English), and Paul Duck (Portuguese/English). Others who helped were Helmuth Boschman and Rodrigo Justino (Portuguese) and Karla Braun (French). Bob Davis translated into

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Angola Special Assembly

Leaders of IEIMA – the MB church of Angola – met to discern an interim executive committee to serve until 2017. Joana Garcia of Cabinda is now president. She proved to have able leadership qualities when she moderated the last assembly.

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