Bible Study: Ephesians 3
—Pastor Naat

Learn together with the international community of Mennonite Brethren. Listen to Pastor Naat give a Bible Study on Ephesians 3 at Thailand 2017. Pastor Naat is leader of the Thailand MB church. Pastor Naat was translated from Thai by Louise

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Gifts We Didn’t Know We Needed

I just completed a week in Paraguay on my fraternal visit to the Spanish and German Conferences. I spoke in chapel at IBA – Instituto Biblico Asuncion. It’s a vibrant, growing school, providing a solid foundation of Christian discipleship and

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Community – Life on Life Discipleship

While I was in Thailand, Bob Davis told me a really interesting story about the pre-Changed Life Centre ministry of Phone Keo, church leader. He set up a “fraternity house” as it were for a cohort of students at the

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