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…And Shalom in the New Year

One week ago 26 people lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut. Shot down “in cold blood” as they say. It was particularly poignant, because 20 victims were children. My heart goes out to them. People in my circles knew one

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What is God Doing?

This week’s blog is going to be an article in the Paraguay German Conference periodical. What is God Doing? I was hot and thirsty, and couldn’t catch my breath. I was climbing the Trail of Six Glaciers in the Canadian

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Harvest Liminal Fecundity

Those who know me have learned how much I like words. Hence this blog title. I thought ‘fecundity’ – fertility, capacity – was pretty unique until Peter Stuckey from Colombia told me it’s a common Spanish term. This week I

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God Told Me!

I begin this blog with fear and trepidation. Mostly because there are knowledgable and faithful people in my faith family. Theologians. Pastors. Lay-folks who read and think a lot. Someone has said, “A closed mouth gathers no foot.” It would

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