God Told Me!

I begin this blog with fear and trepidation. Mostly because there are knowledgable and faithful people in my faith family. Theologians. Pastors. Lay-folks who read and think a lot. Someone has said, “A closed mouth gathers no foot.” It would be easier to not write.

But, I have to write. God told me! Specifically he said “Don’t you dare not write!”

Actually Thailand missionary Greg Ouellette said it in a sharing time in November 2011. I had talked about my sense of call to write, along with my fears. Greg, who didn’t know me at all, looked me square in the eye and said it – at least twice. Andy, Ricky, Dave, Bob, JP and Ray were there – they might remember, though it was really me that was paying attention.

Who am I to argue?

Sometimes, fear is a good thing. It keeps us from jumping off cliffs and running into traffic. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” says Proverbs 9. But the other truth is: the Lord loves us. “Perfect love casts out fear” says John.

I still managed to procrastinate a year, but by now, I think I’d better step up. So here goes.

FYI, my platform is ICOMB – the international community of Mennonite Brethren – but my experience includes leadership at the national and local levels. Also, I’ve always been “philosophical” and like to work at the ideas which affect or reflect actions. Hopefully readers will be encouraged along Kingdom pathways by considering biblical or metaphysical ideas.

My expectations:
– Weekly input (Fridays), unless I’m travelling and just can’t pull it together or have no internet
– Any given blog may be incomplete or not thoroughly thought through…
– Opening opportunity for feedback, challenge, additions, other viewpoints – a “community hermeneutic”

Besides Greg O. for kicking me, I must acknowledge Terry Walling who coached me through Apex, which helped me discover this ‘need’ to write. Thanks Terry. If this goes off the rails, I won’t blame you, nor should anyone conclude that Apex is bad – it’s been a life-changer!