Congo Trip Report

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David Wiebe arrived home from D.R. Congo just before Easter. Here he reports some of what he experienced from his 10 days in Congo.


Palm Sunday Surprises
1st surprise:  At 10 pm Saturday night I learned I was preaching on Palm Sunday morning. I decided on John 12: 12-19.
2nd: This morning would feature 8 choirs (5 women’s; 3 men’s). The 3 hour service flowed quickly – we all enjoyed a good time in every way
3rd: 2 of the choirs sang my exact text! They memorize all kinds of Bible texts, stories, and doctrinal lessons. I was told that structured music like this has more impact than preaching.


Curriculum “Restitution” (Launch)
The writing team of 4 key educators, led by Pastor Mwaku, “made restitution” (proof of their labour). Two events were held in Kinshasa and Kikwit, covered by TV and Radio (respectively). I discovered when Congolese dedicate a new book, they “baptise” it – pouring some water on it – with prayer.

Curriculum context: A consultation in 2009 developed various goals to restore the primary and secondary schools in DRC. They called for a curriculum to teach Christian ethics from an Anabaptist perspective to children Grades 1-12 as one element. ICOMB, through its budget and special donors has supported the writing process which began in 2012. Pastor Mwaku now launches a training season for the 61 Mennonite schools in Kinshasa region, and then the remaining 275 in the rural areas.

Mama Makeka House of Hope (MMHH)
ICOMB contracted Dr. Pakisa Tshimika to oversee the curriculum project. He founded MMHH to restore and create new educational and medical programs in the rural districts of DRC. It was a pleasure to meet his team: Heritier Funga, (MA in commerce; MMHH Coordinator), Grace Musehenu (MA in commerce; manages a farm for MMHH), Flore Kabeya (MA in Communications), and Pakisa’s personal assistant Emile. These talented and dedicated folks make sure MMHH projects go forward. They captained the logistics for the curriculum launch.


Dr. Kiyunga Cyrille
Cyrille is a medical doctor who practised in Kikwit, DRC, in the 1990s. He found effective ways to check the spread of Ebola in the region with some basic hygenic measures. Since then he joined the national government health department. He published “Panique Kikwit 1995” and launched it at our Kikwit curriculum event. It was a great way to link education, medicine and the church.