Convergence of prayer and mission

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MB Mission photo/John Ervin

Prayer has been a central component of this consultation. The goal was “to create commitment to prayer movements in the conferences of all attendees of this consultation” – what a beautiful, powerful goal!

This week prayer was lived out through individual “popcorn prayer,” all-at-once Thai-style prayer, speaking in tongues, whispering, shouting, dancing, and singing. Some prayers were translated into English from another language after the prayer was voiced or as the prayer was being said, and many prayers were not translated, but even when one couldn’t understand the words, one could agree with the heart behind the prayers. It was beautiful to explore prayer and worship with so many different kinds of spiritual leaders from 35 different cultures!

When sharing about spiritual warfare, a brother from T*rkey told us that “Pacifism is great, but not in spiritual war!” Amen. Prayer is the way we fight against the spiritual forces of evil in this world (Ephesians 6)! There were many such compelling reminders of the importance of prayer throughout the consultation, leading to the goal of creating prayer movements in all MB conferences around the world.

MB Mission photo/John Ervin

In conclusion of the week, four listeners shared their listening reports about the consultation, specifically the topics of prayer, church, and mission. Esther Corbett shared reflections on prayer throughout the week. “I am grateful for the diverse expressions of prayer, and sensed our differing approaches created opportunity for humility and mutual honouring,” she said. “I am grateful for the prayer resource teams.”

She also affirmed that “where people are praying, the Holy Spirit is being poured out and the church is advancing through mission.” She also mentioned that we depend entirely on the Holy Spirit in prayer, we are privileged to share each other’s burdens in prayer, and peace and reconciliation begin with and find their power in prayer.

The listening team affirmed the “convergence of prayer and mission” at this consultation. They observed “significant emphasis on discussion as a way of discerning God’s voice,” and recommended “encourage creating more space for actual quiet listening as a community” and “have more time to respond in intercession to the various challenged presented through media/storytelling.”

I would affirm both these observations and recommendations. The intercession times we had were so beautiful! I was personally especially impacted on Saturday morning when we had the opportunity to receive prayer for a new filling of the Holy Spirit, renewal of joy, new knowledge of the incarnational gospel, and experience with the cost of the gospel in our lives. I received powerful, radical prayer for spiritual gifts, walking with a ‘head of peace,’ and living with no fear. I believe God was speaking deeply and directly to everyone in the room.

MB Mission photo/John Ervin

It was such a beautiful moment to share with amazingly gifted believers from around the world! I was humbled to be experiencing transformation alongside these wise leaders.

Katie Vogt is a member of Cariboo Bethel Church, Williams Lake, B.C. She is participating in MB Mission’s newly launch Discipleship on Mission program.