Panama 2016 Summit – Vision Trip Purpose and Details

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The annual summit is the occasion for national church leaders to report on their activities to one another, to discuss issues related to the Mennonite Brethren movement around the world, and to encourage one another in ministry. ICOMB invites MB Mission to participate as well in order to learn more about and be inspired toward the mission of our global family.


Panama 2016 Schedule

June 1WednesdayArrivals Panama City (PTY)
Free shuttle to Riande Hotel Aeropuerto
June 2ThursdayThe Latin American and European leaders’ subgroups meet during the day.
Summit begins (evening)
June 3FridaySummit
June 4SaturdaySummit
June 5SundayLocal Church Services
Panama Canal
June 6MondayDepartures or
Platanares Trip
a village on a river accessible by 3-4 hr boat ride.
June 7TuesdayPlatanares Village
June 8WednesdayReturn from Platanares
June 9ThursdayDepartures from Panama


Cost breakdowns (USD):

Summit hotel room $120 a night but can be shared (June 1-5) – Total for 5 nights (shared) = $300

Summit meals/breaks: $100

ICOMB pays for these costs for the primary delegate of each national church

Trip to Platanares: $100 per person for gas for the boat and a gift to the hosts for meals.

Shared hotel room June 8 – $60.

Total: $560


Note: Platanares Trip Points of Detail

Possible stay in the home of Pastor Hermes and Aleyda Barrigon. It’s a traditional Wounaan home with a large living area plus other rooms. We will sleep on the floor and use mosquito nets.  We will use nets from there as North American varieties can’t keep out the tiny bugs.  Bring a small thermarest mattress or something similar and a sheet (a double sheet you can fold over covers and protects from bugs). This will be enough as the climate is hot and humid. They have an outdoor shower.

Wounaan women will provide meals from the fish, plantain and other meat available. We may bring supplies such as rice, water, oil, or other fresh items.