ICOMB Summit- Despertar 22

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Dear ICOMB Delegates and Leaders related to ICOMB

After two years of virtual meetings, we plan a face-to-face summit this year, and we want to invite all ICOMB Delegates and other leaders of these conferences that would like to participate. We also want to invite Leaders working with Multiply and leaders out of the emerging conferences which will be able to participate.

We trust that the health and political situation will stay as they are, and all who want to come can do so. We will work out possibilities to participate online or watch the presentations on video.

This Summit will be somewhat different from previous ones. It will consist of 2 Parts:

  1. The Icomb Assembly, with reports and decision-making challenges.
  2. A Conference: “Despertar 22”. (Awakening 22). A conference aimed at leaders to encourage and challenge to take steps that promote deepening the relationship with God and one another in our Global family. Equipping to live and promote  missions together will be important in this gathering. 

Delegates are asked to participate in both events, but other guests can participate only in Despertar ‘22 if they choose so. 

After Despertar ‘22, there will be the opportunity to visit some places and churches, where you can choose to participate. Each participant will cover the cost. For more information, see below or in the link: Summit Tourism Options.pdf

Planning the Trip. 

Arrival and Departure/Flights

We would ask you to plan to come on the 17th or before. If you are just coming for “Despertar 22”, you could arrive on the 19th and plan to depart on Monday, 23, or after one of the tours. This will be helpful, to not have to carry people from and to the airport every day. 

All delegates and reporters will be asked to arrive latest on Tuesday, May 17 afternoon and, if possible, stay until Sunday evening, May 22. If this is not possible, we ask you to inform us.

Each participant is responsible for acquiring the ticket to and from Curitiba, Brazil and also dealing with visas if needed.  If you would like the ICOMB office to assist you in finding a good route or purchase the ticket in advance, we can gladly do it, but let us know in advance. We will ask for this confirmation in the registration form.

In general, delegates are encouraged to explore with their conference if they can carry or help with the flight cost.  ICOMB will be responsible, that all delegates have the chance to access a flight and the flight requirements.  So if needed, ICOMB will assist with flight and travel costs.    

Documents needed and health requirements.

Please look at the attached document or go to the following link.  Travel Information.pdf

If you have further questions, please contact Giuliana at giulianai@icomb.org 

In-country lodging Costs. 

Costs are subject to slight changes as currency exchange rates fluctuate.    

More Details for Costs:  Lodging and Accommodation.pdf


We will be accommodated in this Hotel. Feel free to explore more about their amenities: https://astron.com.br/astron-suites-sao-jose-dos-pinhais/ 

Delegates will be asked to share a room. If they need a single room, we will ask them to contribute personally with the difference. 

Doubles- Cost/ day: 43 US$

Single rooms- Cost/ day: 36 US$

More Details for Costs:  Lodging and Accommodation.pdf

Visit Opportunities

We want to offer some opportunities to visit churches, interesting sites, ministries, etc.  

For more details, please visit. Summit Tourism Options.pdf 


If possible, we ask you to complete an online registration form. If that is not possible, you can ask Giuliana for the .doc version of the form writing an email to giulianai@icomb.org. Please register before April 1, 2022.

Online: on this link, you can register online: link https://forms.gle/HY4GqMtXMSWzPfbZ7 

Travel information (Find this document attached) or go to the following link Travel Information.pdf 

If you cannot find the translation for information on one of the links, please contact Giuliana, and she will help so you get everything you need.

May God guide you as you deal with participating.

United in Christ, Rudi Plett