God’s Hand in People Movements and the Response of the Church
—Johann Matthies

Listen to Johann Matthies, MB Mission Europe, at Thailand 2017 on Thursday, March 9, 2017. Johann is the European Mission Development Director.

Johann asks us to consider examples of people movements in Europe: immigrants in Germany; migrants moving away from Lithuania; migrations through
Portugal (from Africa – then on to France); and MB movements of the
19th–20th century.

What can we learn from this? What’s our calling and
vision for what God wants to do through the MB movement with the
resources, confession, history, and capabilities unique to us?

Listen to Johann’s full message and follow along with his PowerPoint, or read the paper below.



Read the full transcription: God’s Hand in People Movements – Full Paper

Thailand 2017 was a mission and prayer consultation sponsored by ICOMB in partnership with MB Mission in March 2017. This plenary talk was one of nine, provided from four different continents.

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ICOMB: Learning Together
ICOMB: Learning Together
God’s Hand in People Movements and the Response of the Church
—Johann Matthies

  1. Clint Bergen
    | Reply

    Brother Matthies, it has been a long time since you and your wife stayed in our home in Orland and we visited you in Fresno. Your story moved me and I hope to share it with an Uzbek Muslim from Kazakhstan who has lived with us off and on these last two years. We have adopted his future as part of our family. He knows we love him but he needs to know we are not the only Christians who do. Nuriddin comes to church but probably because he loves my daughter(yes awkward). He has said maybe he is a Mennonite Muslim (lol). My wife and I are coming to visit our other daughter who lives in Germany this summer, maybe we can see some of your ministry? Maybe when I retire from teaching I will come use my MA in Anabaptist Mission Leadership in Europe, but I only speak English, sad right?

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