Seeing the Harvest…and What is in Our Hands
—Victor Wiens and Jean-Claude Ambeke


Learn together with the international community of Mennonite Brethren.

Listen to Vic Wiens’ plenary talk at Thailand 2017, on Thursday, March 9, 2017, with a testimony from Jean-Claude Ambeke. Vic Wiens is the Mission Capacity Building Coordinator for MB Mission. Jean-Claude Ambeke is the president of Igreja Evangelica dos Irmaos Menonitas en Angola (IEIMA) – the Angolan MB Church.

Vic asks us to consider the unreached people groups located in the “10-40 window”, and, increasingly, in areas with a Christian majority, as people migrate. He challenges us to use the gifts we have: skills, technology, people, funding, in order to be faithful to God’s call for us to go to the nations. Jean-Claude gives a testimony of God doing much with the little that we have.

Listen to Vic’s full message and follow along with his PowerPoint, or read his paper below.


Read the full paper: Seeing the Harvest…and What is in Our Hands.

Thailand 2017 was a mission and prayer consultation sponsored by ICOMB in partnership with MB Mission in March 2017. This plenary talk was one of nine, provided from four different continents.

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ICOMB: Learning Together
ICOMB: Learning Together
Seeing the Harvest...and What is in Our Hands
—Victor Wiens and Jean-Claude Ambeke

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