Ukraine – Baptismal Testimony at New Hope Church, Zaporozhe

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2015.10 Update 1“In January of this year the day came when I decided to become a Christian. I had seen how Christians live and realized something needed to change in my own life.
“My life changed for the better and I could see God taking care of me. It became easier to live and to breathe, I wasn’t as nervous and I could feel peace in my heart and in my soul…
“I became a member of the church and I go to a small group Bible study. I had a lot of questions and God answered them through the church and my small group. My desire is to know deeper truths and I really like that. I feel the changes in me and can more easily stop my bad habits. My worldview has changed and I began to see what kind of character a Christian should have. I read a lot of stories about God and what He’s done. I learned about sin and how it affects my life and I began to change.”
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