Ukraine Crisis


Dear readers.

           As you all know, the Situation in Ukraine has gone from bad to worse. Ukrainians, and particularly in the east, live in fear of an escalating war. Essential services and access to food and water will probably be limited. Many have left their homes, and many more are ready to do so, especially in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. There are churches in the area that need wisdom and guidance from God to know how to deal with this situation: how to protect themselves and be a light of hope for others. 

           At the moment, they can not receive any help from outside: Banks are all closed, no money can be sent. People are not allowed to leave the zone or others to enter and bring help. The army closed the roads, people who wanted to flee were sent home. Leaders in churches and projects that work with Multiply and ICOMB have not left the place and are not planning to do so. 

           One vital thing we can do: pray!! 

           Here are a few motives: 


Let’s pray 

  • Pray that an escalating war can be avoided that the leading politicians involved will be able to talk and come to an agreement instead of bloodshed. 
  • Pray that people will find shelter if this situation continues or intensifies. If they have to and can leave, pray that they may have the means to do it and find a place to stay.
  • Pray that people will have access to food and water.
  • Pray that church leaders have the strength to lead.
  • Pray that churches outside of Ukraine unite in prayer with the Ukrainian Churches.