A Invitation to the Global Christian Church of Jesus to bring Glory to God through a day of Prayer and Fasting for Ukraine

ICOMB invites the global family to join the Mountain View Church initiative. Download the information below clicking here 

“We are calling for a global day of prayer and fasting for Ukraine on March 16th.  We invite you and your family of Churches and organizations and all you can connect with to join with the Global Church to bring the Ukrainian situation before the Lord. Please distribute this letter attached within your churches and systems.”

This is an invitation to fight alongside Ukrainian’s who are currently suffering. This is a call to PRAY. We are storming the gates of hell with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

We are inviting you, your church, your family of churches, and your networks to join the global church in a day of Prayer and Fasting on March 16, 2022.

When the early Church faced trials and needed God’s power to come bursting in, it fasted and prayed ( Acts 13:3-4; 14:23) we want to do likewise.

  • Pray with us for:
    ● Peace for Ukraine and the restoration of their sovereignty
    ● The angel armies of heaven to be released to protect Ukraine and the world from a total
    war or nuclear war
    ● The Church in Ukraine and in Russia to experience Revival which will lead to a spiritual
    ● The lost to be saved in the midst of the crisis
    ● Demonic principalities, powers of the unseen realm and lying deceptive spirits to be
    silenced and confused by the armies of heaven so that truth can be brought into the
    light for all to see. (John 1:4-5)
    ● The Russian people to hold their government accountable to leave Ukraine.
    ● The conflict to end and for families who have been separated due to fighting and
    evacuations to be restored.
    ● Comfort from God for those who have lost a loved ones, seen trauma, or are wounded
    ● Children who are caught and confused by the tragic loss of life and family and have
    seen the horrors of war
    ● Pastors and Missionaries serving in both Ukraine and Russia to be renewed in the
    strength of the Lord to continue in the work laid before them.
  • Let’s Fast:
    ● Ask the Lord what He is calling you to abstain from so you can spend more time in
    concentrated prayer.

Please forward this letter to those who would also stand in the gap.

In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,

Fred Leonard Lead Pastor

Karissa Liebe Missions Pastor
Mountain View Church