Ukraine study of International Confession of Faith (COF)

posted in: ICOMB Update

Maxym Oliferovsky is leading his church – New Hope in Zaporozhe – in the study of the newly translated (Russian language) International Confession. He wrote:

2016.03 Update 1I initiated this because many people in our church are either new (with no Christian background) or came from other Christian background. I felt the need to have a theologically unifying study. For this purpose COF with commentaries fits perfectly.

A big part is discussion. After the presentation (based on text in a Chapter) we break into groups to go through questions. It is very important that people can talk, share opinions, ask questions, and pray together. We try to gear the discussion towards applying COF in our daily life.

I believe such practice can be useful for other MB Churches in Ukraine, when not just pastors or church leaders, but regular people get united around similar understanding of truths from the Bible. Pray that our Church can be diligent in studying and applying MB COF. (edited)