God touched my heart through stories
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Workshop: Storytelling that Transforms What do a jail cell story, a story of radical forgiveness, a housekeeper turned pastor and a church in Las Vegas have to do with each other? These are all stories told at the ICOMB Consultation … Read More

Hajimu Fujii – Japanese Pastor from Fresno writes:
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“I recently went to Brazil by invitation of Brazil Japanese Christian Federation. I preached 10 times in 7 places. 4 years ago, in one of the churches, I was asked to pray for the healing of about 20 people. Since … Read More

Ukraine – Baptismal Testimony at New Hope Church, Zaporozhe
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“In January of this year the day came when I decided to become a Christian. I had seen how Christians live and realized something needed to change in my own life. “My life changed for the better and I could … Read More

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