Tuning Week 3

The envoy sends!

Song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61l1zx9Y_MQ


The resurrected Jesus said to his disciples:  “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so, I am sending you.” John 20:21


To whom is Jesus sending them? What will they do? They are sent into the world, which sometimes “will hate, persecute, and kill them, as it had hated, persecuted, and killed Him. They are being sent as he was sent; they are to declare forgiveness, mercy, love, peace, as He had declared them, to every heart that does not harden itself against them. They are to find in His presence, as He had ever found in the Father’s presence, the support which will ever bring peace to their hearts (John 14:27)”.[Ellicot]

    • Is my daily relationship with God, (praising, thanking, confessing, listening, submitting, seeking his peace, etc.) a central part of my calling?
    • When what surrounds me threatens or hurts me; can I still accept the call to trust and rest in Him?
    • My testimony, the way I treat those around me (friends, family, spouse) and the way I relate to money, power and temptations, do I consider these areas as part of my testimony and call?
    • What is my place in reaching out to the lost in this season? How can and should I support the call: make disciples in all nations?
    • Am I also sent to sometimes confront the religious powerful people and defend the weak and humbled, with the risk of being attacked myself? Just like Jesus did?


  • Pray, that your understanding of Jesus’ call may grow and include all areas of your life.  Include what you do to people, in front of them or when you are alone. Include the thoughts and feelings you are cultivating.
  • Pray, that God may show you, if there is an area in your life, that you need to focus on in this season.
  • Pray asking the Lord to show you and confirm people who need Jesus on whom you should focus.
  • Pray for all participants of Despertar 22, that God will prepare their hearts to accept Jesus’ call to any and all areas of life.
  • Pray for participants in Africa and India, who are still dealing to obtain their visas.
  • Pray for the Team in Brazil, that is focusing on all logistic details.
  • Pray for the situation in Ukraine. Pray for wisdom for the Multiply Team engaged in helping.