Tuning Week 4


Listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-HszBrTGfA

Bible Verse: He was faithful to the one who appointed him. (Heb 3:1)

Are we successful in our ministry? What are our parameters of success? Increasing members; growing funds; increasing likes for my preaching; stepping up in my responsibilities; increasing readers for my writings; expanding authority; the rising answer for my prayers: healing, signs, and wonders; growing affirmation by high ranking leaders, improving accomplishments of a larger to-do list?

These are all desirable outcomes in our ministry, and they can be a blessing. But is that the first thing that Jesus wants to see? Where those the signs that made Jesus the example for all of us?  He was faithful to the Father, and that gave so many fruits.

Am I faithful to God?  To the call, he made to all disciples? To the call, he made to me personally?

Is God’s grace wide enough, so that I can renew my faithfulness even after consequent failures?

I was never called to be successful;
I was called to be faithful
and in my striving to be faithful
my life will be fruitful

and because it is fruitful
you could say I am successful.”

(Mother Teresa)


  • Thank Jesus for he was faithful and worked out our salvation.
  • Thank God that the Holy Spirit gave birth to faith in God in your heart.
  • Thank God, for the strength and guidance he has and wants to give you.
  • Pray that God may show you if and how you are drifting away from his calling.
  • Pray that God will show you, that his grace is always wider than the sum of your failures.
  • Pray that God will reveal or affirm your personal call, and so the call to your local church and your conference for this season.
  • Pray that all participants of Despertar will come with a prepared heart, to renew their faithfulness to God and a willingness to accept God’s call for them, their church, and their conference.
  • Pray for the situation in Ukraine: That the war may stop and a healing process can begin.