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Executive Director — Rudi Plett

Rudi is from Asuncion, Paraguay. In 2018, Rudi was appointed as Executive Director following David Wiebe’s retirement. Rudi served as half-time associate director of ICOMB from 2017 to 2018. From 2011-2017, he served as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of ICOMB, while serving in a pastoral role at Mennoniten Brueder Gemeinde Concordia, Asunción, Paraguay.

Rudi and his wife Ruth Ratzlaff de Plett have 5 children.

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Equipping Coordinator — Victor Wiens

Victor is from British Columbia, Canada. Formerly a missionary in Brazil, and currently “mission capacity building” coordinator for MB Mission, Victor received a new mandate from MB Mission in 2018 to work with ICOMB. He is now coaching emerging conferences and will support conferences on the path to ICOMB membership, and help to build the education/training grid in all regions.

Victor and his wife Marty have 3 children and attend Northview Community Church, Abbotsford, BC.

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Assistant to the Executive Director — Giuliana Irala

Giuliana is from Asunción, Paraguay. She has worked for ICOMB since 2021.

Giuliana provides administrative assistance to Rudi and other staff members; her role includes communication, translations, and event planning.


Volunteer Translators

ICOMB’s translators are responsible for translating the ICOMB Update each month. We thank God for these faithful volunteers!

Marcela Ramorino – French

Marilza Moreno – Portuguese