Personal reflection: A call to greater faith

I am so humbled to have had the privilege of being able to attend this conference of spiritual leaders in our MB family from so many different countries and cultures around the world. I was encouraged by all the testimonies … Read More

Convergence of prayer and mission

Prayer has been a central component of this consultation. The goal was “to create commitment to prayer movements in the conferences of all attendees of this consultation” – what a beautiful, powerful goal! This week prayer was lived out through … Read More

God touched my heart through stories

Workshop: Storytelling that Transforms What do a jail cell story, a story of radical forgiveness, a housekeeper turned pastor and a church in Las Vegas have to do with each other? These are all stories told at the ICOMB Consultation … Read More

How to affirm the leaders of tomorrow in the church of today

Workshop: Mobilizing Youth for Leadership in the Church & Mission Heinrich Rempel Who are the leaders of tomorrow in our churches, and what are we doing to develop them today? What are some of the obstacles we face?  Leaders from … Read More

Children of the living God, driven by hope

So much hope was presented throughout Thursday night’s session. From a testimony from Roman Rakhuba about the political turmoil and warfare currently going on in Ukraine, to a spontaneous encouraging word from Andy Owen, to a message from Vic Wiens … Read More

Faces of ICOMB

    See more pictures from MB Mission’s John Ervin on flickr.

What about the bones?

Workshop: Authority of Scriptures in Mission Heinrich Derksen At a gathering of MBs from around the world, of a family of churches known as “people of the Book,” workshops on the authority of Scripture should probably be presumed. With more … Read More

Changing glasses for a fresh read of Scripture

Workshop: Understanding Today’s Worldviews for Mission Arthur Dück “Who is right?” asked Arthur Dück, faculty member at the Instituto e Seminário Bíblico dos Irmãos Menonitas (Mennonite Brethren Bible Institute and Seminary) in Curitiba, Brazil. Arthur had already offered a spectacular Bible … Read More

The people of God, a people of peace

Workshop: Peace: Mennonite Accessory or Missiological Foundation? César García César García encountered the MB church at age 12. In his teens, like most Colombian youth who grew up in the context of Colombia’s 52-year civil war, César entered the military. … Read More

Share the gospel in the land of pain and suffering

Workshop: Church planting models for the 21st century G Ross and panel A chorus of voices translated the words of five pastors from nations outside of North America today as they engaged the question “What are key church-planting principles that … Read More

The church in the world and for the world – perspective II

God is the centre of mission The title of Wednesday morning’s plenary session began with “Clarifying…,” which speaker Arthur Dück of Brazil managed to do very thoroughly in his interesting presentation on Missio Dei. Missions is “His idea,” and should … Read More

The church in the world and for the world

“When it comes to mission, we are obsessed with strategy. That is the wrong approach. There we miss the whole point of God’s Mission.” Arthur Dück from Curitiba, Brazil gave the Wednesday morning plenary address, “The Mission of the Church: Clarifying … Read More

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